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Timothy Titus Jr. Senior Stoplight!

Timothy Titus Jr has had a huge impact on Tok School, and a lot of students will miss seeing his smile and his happiness. He is a good one. Tok School can't wait to see good things come from him in the future.

How long have you attended Tok School? 

I have attended Tok School for 15 years.

What are the best and worst parts about being a senior?

The best part of being a senior is that my school career is almost over.

The worst part about being a senior is getting up early to go to school.

Who is the teacher you admired the most? 

It's a toss-up between Becker and Hamner. They were my first basketball coaches in high school and that time meant a lot to me.

What are you gonna do after high school?

I plan to work a lot and build myself a house.

What rule did you break the most while here?

I do not think I broke any.

What is the most challenging task as a senior?  

Getting up and coming to school every day.

What's your favorite sports memory? 

My most memorable sports memory was being able to play hoops with my friends.

Which school year was your favorite? 

Going to a dojo on a field trip when jujitsu was offered as a class. Got to hike at Kincaid Park and check out a whale carcass.

Your best friends throughout school?

I have had many really good friends throughout the years. Thankful to have bonded with my sports teammates.  

Who are your favorite underclassmen?

John, Dewayne, Lucas, and possibly more but I can not be 100% sure about that 

Biggest accomplishment? 

Being able to walk in graduation and receive a certificate of completion. Finally passing my permit test.

Things that bug you? 

People most of the time. I like to have my alone time.

What strangest thing you have ever eaten in school? 

Mystery school lunches…

Unforgettable memories? 

Having the opportunity to make friends throughout the years. I have been here long enough to make some new friends every year. Having Burnham coach me on the rifle team and getting my first taste of high school sports. Taking as many classes as I could from Hamner because I enjoyed learning many different shop skills. Although the freshman tended to get on my nerves the longer I have been here.

Congratulations Timmy, you're almost done. Keep moving forward. 

Congratulations to you on graduating!

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