About the Authors

Writers for The Wolverine Inside

Rane Almquist-Corgill is a student in Tok School. She loves basketball and writing. She enjoys watching tv shows and listening to music. Rane has two siblings, a brother and sister, whom she dearly loves. Rane has a bubbly disposition and is very excited for journalism. 


Kailie Champagne is a sophomore at Tok High School; she will be graduating in 2024. She currently plays hockey for the Alaska Heat 18u A, she's been playing since she was 3 or 4. Her favorite subjects include history, science, and English. Kailie plans on going to college but she is still not sure on what she wishes to pursue and is still exploring her options. She was birthed by her mother Karla Champagne and father Shawn Champagne, she has lived in Tok her whole life and is an Alaskan Native from Dotlake.

Tenyelle Gunter is one of the authors for “The Wolverine Inside”; she has just got into high school (9th grade). She is the only freshman who joined the class of 4 students in Journalism, a new class this year. The teacher that brought it to life is Ms.Fifarek who has been her teacher off and on in English for 3 years now. Tenyelle has been a student here at Tok school for four and half years. She loves to write but as she says she’s not so good at it. Tenyelle’s been a resident here in Tok for four and half years, she first came when she was in 5th grade. She’s in a family of 5 teenagers. She was born on September 29, 2006 in Fairbanks Alaska. Her full name is Tenyelle Alice Gunter.

Kaitlyn is a junior at Tok High School, she enjoys playing basketball, volleyball and spending time with her best friend Kailie. Kaitlyn likes to write fictional stories about her favorite teachers and bestfriend. She someday hopes to be a NICU nurse or an endocrinologist and stay in Alaska. Kaitlyn has lived with her grandparents her whole life. She is 16 years old and is from Northway Alaska, she's Athabascan and Lakota Sioux Indian, she enjoys beading, fishing, berry picking, cutting fish, dying her hair and doing makeup.

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