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Jeffry Alsup is a junior at Tok School. He will be graduating in 2025. Jeffry currently plays volleyball and is on the Alaska Heat 16u B and the Delta High School hockey teams. His favorite subjects include English and History. Jeffry plans on going to college to pursue a career in Political Science. He was born in Eugene, Oregon and moved to Tok, Alaska when he was five, recently moving back his freshman year.

Holly Beeman is a junior at Tok School and has been here since kindergarten. She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and has been in Tok the whole 17 years of her long life. She has taken Journalism since freshman year and is looking forward to taking it once again. Holly has absolutely no plans on what to do after high school once she graduates in 2025. 

Nova Paul is a sophomore at Tok School. She will be graduating in the class of 2026. Nova is currently playing high school basketball. She doesn't have a favorite subject in school. She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and was raised in Tetlin/Tok her whole life. She attended Tetlin School before she came to Tok. She has been adventuring into what she's going to be in the future after school, but is not yet sure.

Jack Darling is a student at Tok School and is graduating in 2026.  He is from New York and came to Alaska in 2019.  Jack is in to nerdy stuff and, according to Ms. Fifarek, “Likes to fidget”.  He also likes to play all sorts of video games and watch tv.  Jack likes to research the topics that he is interested in, even during class.  He plans to become a zoologist after college.

Jonathan Michael Adkins is a 15 year old male from the state of Alaska. John was born on 02/26/08 in Wasilla, AK and was raised in Alaska. John enjoys fishing and sports and lots of physical activity. When John was younger, he used to live in a little place called Kodiak, which is where he fell in love with fishing. Jonathan has been on a boat since he could crawl and will always love fishing.

Rebekah Ames is a freshman in Tok High School and will be graduating in 2027. She was born in Fairbanks, AK, and has lived in Alaska her whole life. She enjoys virtually anything that uses and develops her creativity, from writing and art to cooking and theater. After high school, she hopes to attend college and get a degree in writing and psychology. Her lifelong goals include traveling the world, making good money in a job she loves, and eventually becoming a mother.

Skyla Frank-Young is a freshman at Tok School. She plays basketball and volleyball for Tok. She's been playing basketball since she was little. She has lived in Tok, Alaska for her entire life but wants to transfer to another school in the future. Marianne Young and Shawn Frank are her parents.

Nadine Thomas is a freshman at Tok School. She was born in Fairbanks, AK. She likes to go walking with her dog and likes dog mushing.She wants to be a veterinarian. Nadine used to go to Tetlin School, but last year she wanted to go to Tok School and transferred.     

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