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Kailie Champagne is a Junior at Tok School. She will be graduating in 2024. She currently plays hockey for the Alaska All Stars 19u AA; she's been playing since she was 3 or 4. Her favorite subjects include history, science, and English. Kailie plans on going to college she wishes to pursue Botany and English. She was birthed by her mother Karla Champagne and father Shawn Champagne. She has lived in Tok her whole life and is an Alaskan Native from Dotlake.

Kaitlyn Wilson is a senior at Tok School. She will be graduating this year May 2023. She currently plays basketball for Tok. She's been playing since she was in 6th grade. Her favorite subjects include science and history. Kaitlyn plans to attend cosmetology school as well as get her tattoo and barbers license. She was born in Fairbanks Alaska, and has lived in Tok her entire life and is Alaskan native from Northway as well as Lakota suix from North Dakota.

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Jeffry Alsup is a Sophomore at Tok School. He will be graduating in 2025. Jeffry currently plays volleyball and is on the Alaska Heat 16u B hockey team. His favorite subjects include English and History. Jeffry plans on going to college and medical school to pursue a career in Dermatology. He was born in Eugene, Oregon and moved to Tok, Alaska when he was five, and recently moved back during his Freshman year. 


Rachel Ames is a sophomore at Tok School. She participates in extracurricular activities such as volleyball and basketball. She enjoys writing and art. She was born in Fairbanks Alaska and lived there for most of her childhood. She moved to tok in 2022. She has attended high school at both West Valley High School and Nenana School before Tok.

Holly Beeman is a Sophomore at Tok School and has been attending school here since she was in kindergarden. During the summers, she loves going for walks, paddleboarding, and hanging out with friends. Holly was born in Fairbanks and has lived in Tok her whole life. Currently, she has no plans on what to do after high school… but it could be anything at this rate! Holly looks forward to taking journalism and helping out with the yearbook.

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