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Griffin Jacobs Senior Spotlight!

Griffin is a senior! He made it through the whole 10 years at Tok School. He played basketball and wrestling, but his favorite sport is basketball, of course! He has always been so good at school and every sport he’s played. He is too pro at a lot of things and will keep being that pro.

How long have you attended Tok School?

G: 10 years

What are the best and worst parts about being a senior?

G: The best part is that you don't have to spend as much time in the building. The worst part is people always asking you to do things.

Who is the teacher you admired the most? 

G: Lindsay

What are you gonna do after high school?

 G: Move to Arizona and work for a drilling company. 

What rule did you break the most while here?

G: I was lowkey on my phone all the time.

What is the most challenging task as a senior?  

G: Taking care of my son.

What's your favorite sports memory? 

G: Going to State freshman year.

Which school year was your favorite? 

G: Sophomore year.

Your best friends throughout school? 

G: Gavin, Dustin, and Marvin.

Who are your favorite underclassmen? 

G: Robert and Chairo.

Biggest accomplishment? 

G: All conference senior year. 

Things that bug you? 

G: Not much.

Strangest thing you have ever eaten in school? 

G: Muktuk. 4/10

Unforgettable memories? 

G: Basketball trips, cross-country trips, and student council trips.

Congratulations on your goals for life. You will be successful in the real world. You got this! 

Way to go Griffin!

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