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Kailie Champagne Senior Spotlight!

Kailie is such a smart person! Kailie has been at Tok School for all K-12th grade. Kalile has played volleyball, basketball, and hockey. Her favorite sport is hockey then volleyball then finally basketball. She is just so pro and a great student.  

How long have you attended Tok School? 

K: All years possible

What are the best and worst parts about being a senior?

 K: The best part has to be that I don’t have to take a high school class. The worst part is after finals I still had to come to school even though I was technically on winter break.

Who is the teacher you admired the most?

K:  FIFAREK, she is my favorite teacher to yapp too. 

What are you gonna do after high school?

 K: Play some college hockey while learning about plants.

What rule did you break the most while here? 

K: The phone rule #beemovie4life

What is the most challenging task as a senior? 

K: I think the only challenging thing is having to comprehend that I am an actual senior and not in 8th grade.

What's your favorite sports memory?

K:  Probably when I plowed Holly over in Tri-Valley or the Valdez trip freshman year.

Which school year was your favorite? 

K: My freshman year

Your best friends throughout school? 

K: Kaitlyn obviously, Chan and Hannah. My freshman year was too funny. I guess I consider Jeffry one of my closest friends.

Who are your favorite underclassmen? 

K: Autumn and Teagan

Biggest accomplishment? 

K: Going to Nattys [Nationals] two years in a row!

Things that bug you? 

K: When people act like they are just so cool and that their farts don’t stink, when they are just straight up homely.

Strangest thing you have ever eaten in school? 

K: A ghost pepper in middle school.  

Unforgettable memories? 

K: The MS fiber arts class with Hannah E, Serenity, Kaitlyn, and Aliyah. Also, the Aurora schedule feels like a fever dream. Also, Mr. Richards’ outdoor leadership trip to hike Eagle Trail, but the only ones who went were Serenity and I - it was in the middle of the winter.

What’s the plan after high school? 

K: I plan to absorb as much knowledge as I can about plants and create a business to help out communities who are unable to afford basic necessities like fresh produce. I would like to give back to my community even if they are prejudiced 🙌🫰 

Congratulations Kailie for going out and beyond in your life goals. You will do so great in the huge world! Keep your head high and keep continuing to be successful!

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