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Marrissa Neumann Senior Spotlight!

Marrissa Neumann is a Jr. this year but has decided to graduate with this year's senior class. 

M: I passed all 6 to 7 seven classes I’ve had from freshman year to now and when the principal and counselor were making schedules for the following year I had nothing so they asked if I wanted to graduate, and since there are some complicated stuff going on in my personal life, graduating this year seemed like the most beneficial option for me and my mother. My plans after high school include doing a gap year and then going to college to be a veterinarian.

How long have you attended Tok School? 

M: 3 years

What are the best and worst parts about being a senior?

M: I don’t really know, I just found out a few weeks ago that I’m able to graduate this year, so I haven’t really gotten the whole senior experience. But so far the best part is being able to graduate early and the worst part is doing an entire year's worth of senior stuff in 9 weeks. 

Who is the teacher you admired the most? 

M: Definitely Mr. Hamner and Ms. Lindsay

What are you gonna do after high school? 

M: Probably go to college to be a veterinarian

What rule did you break the most while here?

M: PDA and no phones

What is the most challenging task as a senior? 

M: Keeping my motivation up to actually do my school work

What's your favorite sports memory? 

M: The Scott [Johnson] Memorial Tournament when John got pinned by David’s grandpa.

Which school year was your favorite? 

M: This year - least amount of drama I’ve dealt with

Your best friends throughout school? 

M: Janafer, Nadine, and S’chaiiy

Who are your favorite underclassmen? 

M: S’chaiiy and Nadine

Biggest accomplishment? 

M: Being able to graduate as a junior

Things that bug you? 

M: The school food when Ashley isn’t the cook

Strangest thing you have ever eaten in school? 

M: So many things that I can’t even give a realistic answer

Unforgettable memories? 

M: Homecoming this year and the Richard Fraser Tournament

Congratulations to you Marrissa for graduating a year early! May all your dreams come true!!

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