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Tok School class Delta training facility!

On Tuesday the 16th, the investing careers class went on a field trip to the Delta Training Facility to tour the MAPTS field. There were other students at the facility training to get their certificates to get jobs. At the MAPTS training, the trainees were also learning how to drive the huge haul trucks and work underground in the mine. The class wasn’t able to tour the underground area because it’s way more dangerous than on-site. The students learned about the large haul trucks, and they even got to sit in the trucks while the trainees drove around what they call a “racetrack” in a circle to see how it was. This was a very good experience for the students to open their eyes about being a haul truck driver. 

Landon Wilson said, “It was pretty cool and educating; I learned a lot of things. I like the big trucks and, umm, I also thought it was interesting the way they’re all kinda [...] like a little family and seemed nice to each other.” 

Ben Jennings added, “I think it is a very professional environment; they knew what they were doing, and there was a lot of technology and stuff about vehicles that I didn't know about before I went there. It was a very cool experience.” 

Tenyelle Gunter cheerfully noted that “the trip to the Delta Mine Training Center was a wonderful opportunity because mining is something I was to pursue in the future. I enjoyed the feeling of being inside of one huge haul truck; I loved how the trainees came together to get used to each other. I would encourage young adults who either have a diploma or GED to go to the training center!”

As I also went on this trip, I thought it was an amazing experience for students. I enjoyed every part of it - except the tiny Delta Wind. The best part, in my opinion, was getting to sit in the large haul truck while a trainee was driving. I learned about the 1, 2, and 3 horn signals: 1 was for starting up the huge truck, 2 was for going forward, and 3 was for backing up. The reason why they do that is for people's safety. It was a fun experience and I was very thankful we got to go and learn so much about the training facility.

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