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Spring AASG in Utqiagvik

The spring Alaska Association of Student Government (AASG) conference took place in Utqiagvik, Alaska. AASG is a conference in which schools write resolutions to be brought before the general assembly (GA) of AASG. Delegates are allowed to go up, representing their schools, and speak at the "pro" or "con" microphone. The resolutions are then deliberated on whether or not they should be passed. Delegates can also move to make needed amendments, strike statements, or call the question (ending discussion on the resolution.) Resolutions are voted on by schools by raising their placards in favor or opposition of the resolution. If a resolution passes, it can be granted unanimous consent, but only if every school in the GA is in favor of it. When a resolution is passed at AASG, the support of the governmental body gives it a lot of power. After AASG, resolutions are sent wherever they need to be sent, such as school boards or the state board of education.

AASG has a lengthy itinerary, keeping delegates busy all throughout the day.

Student Skyla Frank-Young said, "AASG was really fun. It was how I imagined, but it was really cold and windy there. The activities were really fun, but the bad part about it was that I didn't make any friends. I think the TikTok Rizz Party (the dance) was bomb. Some of the chants were pretty cool, but most of them were really cringey. Region One had the best chants out of all the regions. Overall I'm glad that I went and hung out with my friends, aka the people that went with us."

Student Luccas Hipp said, "I enjoyed everything, especially learning drumming and dancing. I liked talking to new people and hanging out with everyone, it was pretty fun. I enjoyed winning the basketball tournament, but everyone said Region One won even though they are haters and we won."

Student Griffin Jacobs said, "It was cool. It was a fun trip and cool to see the conference again. I think we did a lot of good. We voted on things that made positive changes for schools in Alaska. I think student voice is one of the most important things in high schools. I also enjoyed winning the basketball tournament and Region One is a bunch of haters."

The fall conference will be held in Delta from October 11th to the 13th. If you would like to go to AASG in the fall, run for a position in student council next year!

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