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History Has Been Made at Tok School

For the first time in many years, Tok School has a high school team competing in Battle of the Books. The team includes Jeffry Alsup, Holly Beeman, and Kailie Champagne. Battle of the Books is a competition where students must read select books and answer questions based on their readings. The competition aspect includes a set timer in which teams race to answer the question before the other teams.

Senior Kailie Champagne says, "It feels so mysterious. I think if we actually read the books we will do fairly good. I think was have a good chance of making it to state because it will be embarrassing if Eagle beats us."

Junior Holly Beeman says, "It feels low-key horrifying. I'm scared we are going to do poorly and humiliate ourselves. I used to question why anyone in high school would ever sign up for this but here I am willingly reading quite a large number of books. I think if our team reads all the books and does practice questions then I for sure think we could go to state."

The date of the competition is on February 27th. Wish the team good luck in the competition!

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