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A Fairy Garden Prom

Prom 2024 took place on the 11th of May from 8-11 pm at Musher’s Hall. The Junior class was responsible for decorations, setting up, and all other prom-related planning. “A Fairy Garden Prom” was the theme and many high school students fit the theme and dressed to impress. A couple of students shared their thoughts on prom:

“It was fun and all good food, but not the best music though. I got pretty bored after an hour,” says Kalvin Roach.

Trey Hillary says “It was alright. It had good food. Thats it…”

With her VERY strong opinion, Autumn Jennings says, “It was absolutely disgusting! […] kids were sitting on each other laps and touching each other, and no one knew any of the songs. They didn't put any of the songs from the suggestion list on the prom playlist. The food was good but the pizza was COLD.”

Prom Court also shared a bit about their prom experience:

Gorgeous Prom Princess Nova Paul says, “It was fun and I had a blast. I liked dancing with Jeffry and Skyla. I enjoyed getting prom princess and everyone cheering for me. It was cool and everybody popped off. And everybody looked nice for once. I was so sad though that I didn’t get to wear my actual dress.”

Lucas Hipp, who was fabulously dressed in a pink suit, says, “Prom was pretty fun at the beginning but at the end, it was not. But overall it was fun.”

Rachel Ames, the stunning Prom Queen, says “I thought it was pretty cool and prom was really fun. I got lots of good pictures.”

Jeffry Alsup, who got Prom King and looked very slay, says, “I felt very much so surprised, the girlies were gagged and gooped. It was very unexpected but I think it was really cool. I think prom was really aesthetic and I loved all the pictures I got. No one really danced though, which I thought was pretty lame.”

Overall, it was a stellar night for some, and a drab night for others, filled with some dancing and lots of pretty dresses. Hopefully, next year's prom will be equally (if not more) enjoyable and everyone will have fun.

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