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Tardy policy enforced

Tok School’s late policy has been enforced! Did your school have a late policy?

The principal Drew Larrabee has decided to enforce the policy and pass out detentions to tardy students. Once a student has collected 3 tardies they receive an after school detention. Many students are very unhappy with this rule. Some students are blaming the 3 minute passing period for their tardiness. Others simply do not care.

One teacher, Ms. Fifarek, says, “I think that accountability is important and it should have been done a long time ago, and I'm glad it is being done now.” Student Holly Beeman says, “I think most of the people who get it deserve it because most of the time it's people who don't use their passing period correctly, but sometimes it's a little bit obsessive because I am even late sometimes when using my passing period correctly. So it's a bit complicated, because I can understand why some people hate it.”

The after-school detention happens when we have the available staff members to supervise. Although detention is simply sitting quietly or doing your school work, many students decide to not show up. Missing or skipping detention results in another detention, and outstanding detentions will revoke the student’s right to attend prom. This rule has sent some students into meltdowns or even rage, ripping their detentions in half. Since the rule has been enforced there's been an increase in the number of detentions. With that being said there's also been a decrease of late students in worry they will get a detention.

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