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State Testing

There will be testing next week (April 2nd-3rd) for second through tenth-grade students. This year, the math and English test will be combined to shorten the test. It's important for students to put some effort into these, even though they are not the most fun tests. 

Rebekah Ames, a student who hates testing, said, “The state testing gives me major anxiety and makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It is probably what I hate the most about school.”

Sophomore Autumn Jennings also added, “I think it was a little out of the blue but I hope it goes well.”

To all students who are nervous or stressed about testing, you will be completely okay. Get a good night's sleep and eat some banger cafeteria breakfast when you arrive at school. It’s okay to take your time while testing and try not to panic too much about it.

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