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SIX: The Musical

Updated: Mar 18

On February 15th, the junior class, plus one senior and one sophomore, went on a field trip to watch the play SIX and tour UAA. SIX is a musical about the six wives of Henry VIII. It is a Pop concert-style show with the former Tudor queens competing to see who had the worst experience as Henry's wife. The show ends with the queens realizing it's wrong to compare themselves with each other and they are so much more than what history focuses on: that they were just Henry's wives.

Holly Beeman, a junior, said, "I thought it was amazing! I loved their girl drama incorporated within the storyline. The 80 minutes flew by and I wish I could watch it again."

Sophomore Autumn Jennings said, "It was alright. I'm glad it wasn't hours long, it was short. I recognized some parts from TikTok."

Senior Kailie Champagne said, "It wasn't what I was expecting. It came out like a K-pop concert and it was very girlboss so I don't know if I liked it at all."

This is the second play that high school students have gone to see this year, the first being district-wide and the second being just Tok.

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