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Senior Spotlight: Kaitlyn Wilson

Kaitlyn Wilson is an 18-year-old senior attending Tok School. She has attended Tok School since she was a little kid in Kindergarten, all the way until now, her senior year. Kaitlyn says that the most challenging thing as a senior is "managing stress." Her favorite memory from Tok School is anything that happened while in Miss Fifarek's classroom. When asked who her favorite teacher was, she said "Miss Fifarek."

Kaitlyn was asked to describe "senioritis," a term used to describe an affliction on students in their senior year who are characterized by a decline in motivation and/or performance. She said, "I don't know, I don't think I ever had it." However, Miss Fifarek says, "Kaitlyn has chronic senioritis. I suppose it's not senioritis if it is your default state." When asked about the highlight of her senior year, she said "The highlight of my senior year? None. I liked this year because it was easier but I don't have any highlights."

Kaitlyn says that, "The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me at school was when I shaved half my head, wore six-inch heels to school, and wore stalkings that ripped completely in half during P.E." Kaitlyn says that the rule she broke the most at Tok School was missing so many days of school. She said that her best friends throughout her time at Tok School are Kailie and Jeffry. One thing that Kaitlyn wishes she did in high school is that she stayed eligible throughout high school so she could have played sports for all for years.

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