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Quarter One Wasn't Fun...

This quarter had its ups and downs, it was very eventful. I haven't learned any useful skills in journalism that will help me in adult life. It's basically just writing, which I’ve always liked. But I have learned my lesson that I shouldn’t send any work to Ms. Fifarek that I do not want posted on the website. My favorite thing that I wrote about in this quarter was writing about Trick-Or-Treat Street and my least favorite is “You Don’t Have To Be Pro To Play Volleyball” only because it didn’t get any likes :( Just kidding, I don't really care about likes, just a good grade.

I am taking Greenhouse and I didn’t really like it at first but I am getting used to it. We cut and replant the lettuce and I usually replant the lettuce because I don’t like cutting them. We also lay down the compost and soil in the beds of the greenhouse and hang up the lights over the beds. When we are not in the greenhouse, we build little miniature greenhouses. We make them from Balsa wood and wood glue. I don’t really mind making the little greenhouses because it’s fun and easy.

I hope that second quarter is better than this one because I’ve been caught lackin’. I have fallen a little behind on work but I know that I’ll do better next quarter. I am looking forward to culinary art, I have taken that class once before. I think that I had taken that class freshman year. I really like baking, I don’t like cooking as much but I’ll do it. I had made homemade jam and scones in that class before. It was scrumdiddlyumptious. I am going to work hard to make sure I graduate.

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