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Opinion: Spring Blues

In the United States, spring is seen as one of the most amazing times of the year - warmer weather, blooming flowers, and summer approaching closely, sounds great, right? Nope! Spring in Tok is the definition of awful. All the snow turns into this awful slush that takes forever to melt and it's still chilly out. The parking lots turn into sickening soup-like mini lakes that are nearly impossible to avoid. After I park at the school, it takes forever to walk around the puddles. The unlucky souls are not able to walk around them and have to get soggy feet and shoes. Spring is my least favorite season to exist and is for quite a few other people.

The truth is, summer is being dangled in front of us and ripped away. Springtime in this crusty town just adds to the awfulness. It's gross, still cold, and purely unenjoyable. Yes, I know the days are longer and summer is near but other than those two reasons, spring in Tok is nauseating and not enjoyable. 

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