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Opinion: Tok, Alaska

My opinion on Tok Alaska: If you search “Top 10 most boring places to live in Alaska '', Tok will take second place in the top ten. It is true that there is nothing to do here in Tok, but that’s not what needs to make it fun. Yes, that is a big part of having fun in a place, but it’s the people who make the time matter. In Tok I have friends and family to have fun with, we go snow machining, stay the night with each other, ride our bikes, throw out the town, go to Moon Lake and go swimming then eat afterward. Ever since I moved here, which was four and half years ago, I’ve made memories in this small town people call boring.

Just imagine - in a big city with a huge population you won't be able to do what you want to. You will have to look over your shoulder while you walk down the street, living in fear that someone might come up behind you and take you away. In a small town like Tok, you won't have to live that way; you can walk over to someone’s house who lives twenty minutes away without even thinking about something bad happening.

I may say that there may have been a few things in Tok that have happened - such as the body found in the freezer a while back, some drunks who scare kids, and sometimes even adults. I bet now you are thinking “dang this is not making me like Tok that much!", but I promise you, if you give our little town called Tok a chance you will see the beautiful community they have made over the years. Tok has been my home for a while now and I find it to be one of the most quiet, loving towns.

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