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Middle School Wrestling Meet in Valdez

Last weekend, the Tok Middle School Wrestling team went to a meet in Valdez. Two wrestlers, Tristan May and Gabe Lint, attended the tournament.

Ashley LaGrange, mother of athlete Tristan May, says, "I think they did pretty well considering they only had two weeks of practice. Tristan won three of seven matches." When asked about any troubles involving the team, Ashley said, "Hamner's in charge, it will be fine."

Ashley also made a comment about what could be done to help the team improve. "They need to do more mat time and they need more people." The middle school wrestling team has a small team of just two players. This makes it difficult for the wrestlers to learn how to wr estle different people. Hopefully, the team will grow in numbers in the upcoming years. Wish the team good luck on their season!

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