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Homecoming Dress Drive

High school homecoming is scheduled for February 9, a little over a week away. It is taking place after the first day of the Richard Frasier Tournament, which is the annual basketball tournament hosted by Tok School. As this event gets closer, teen students are thinking about what to wear to the dance.

On the 29th - 30th of January 2024, the caring and helpful teacher Lindsay Brush set up a dress drive to help provide for students who need help with affording or finding a dress. It was set up in Ms. Burnham’s room during GAP hours from 3:30-5:00 pm. It ended Tuesday, but seemed to be a success.

Ms. Lindsay gave a little insight into how the event went, “I think it went pretty well, we gave out about 14-15 dresses. It helped students because if you order a dress it could come in late, not fit well, or be too expensive and this way you can try it on and it’s free. They were pretty nice dresses and were all donated.” She also added, as an afterthought, “We’ll do it again for this year’s prom. We’ll take donations if anyone has a dress they don’t want anymore. It’s better than having it sit at the back of your closet.”

Here’s what a couple students who got dresses say about the event.

Dawson Nelson says, “It was fun looking at all the dresses and seeing my friends try them on. I picked a white, lacy patterned dress, but not flowy. It kind of looks like a wedding dress.”

“There was lots of really good dresses and options, if I could fit them I would take them.” says Minacie Jimmie, who picked out a short and tight-fitting black dress.

Nova Paul, who picked out a hot pink ruffly dress, added, “It was fun making Bridgette try on all the dresses. And thanks to whoever donated all of them!”

Overall, this year’s dress drive seemed to go well. Hopefully everyone got what they needed to have a great time at this year's homecoming dance.

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