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Ashley and Killian: The Professional Chefs of Tok School

At the start of the school year, students were ecstatic to see Ashley, a staff member loved by most students and staff, was now the chef of Tok School, along with Ms. Killian. Many students agree that with the new cooks this year, lunch and breakfast are so much more delicious. 

“The quality of the food seems like it has more time put into it,” says Sarah Cramer. This observation has been made by not just Sarah.  “Lunch is better than last year!” added freshman Skyla Frank-Young. 

“My favorite lunch is nachos. The taste of lunch has been upgraded from last year,” says Trey Hillary.

When asked how lunch has changed from last year, freshman Dawson Nelson said, “I think lunch has improved a lot from last year because they actually cook it and don’t just use frozen food.” When asked what her favorite lunch is, she answered “Any lunch with garlic bread is my favorite.”

This school year there have been unique menu items that students have never seen. Examples include homemade soup, hand-cooked taco meat, and even hand-rolled breakfast burritos! It's safe to say that time and dedication are being poured into student meals this year and are greatly loved and appreciated by much of the student body. If anyone has suggestions for school lunches, feel free to email Tracy Hullet at, or talk to your favorite cafeteria chefs. They would love to hear your ideas!

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