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Wolverine Games

The weekend of January 28-29, 2022, Tok School held games where Nenana traveled to Tok to play against Tok High School Boys and Girls basketball teams. They played two games each for boys and girls; unfortunately, the Girls Tok team had lost both their games but held a good fight and tried their complete and honest best. The boys, on the other hand, won both their games; the last game that they played on Saturday was a heart-stopping game. The scores were so close they even had to go into overtime. They only won by one point! I asked some of the boys if they were nervous and if their heart was beating as fast as mine was but what they had to say was funny. “No, it wasn’t beating fast”. “It was beating throughout the whole game”. They really were confident in their strength as a team. Good job boys and better luck next time Lady Wolverines.

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