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Unexpected Day in Tok School!!

On February 23, 2022, Tok School’s staff and students were all stunned by what took place that afternoon. It was almost time for seventh period to begin, and students were making their way back to their last class of the day. At this time the fire alarm went off-it stunned everyone as it does every time it goes off. We all thought it was the shop class or another fire drill, not knowing that a young teen in middle or high school had been smoking a cigarette in the elementary girl’s bathroom.

Mr. Larrrabee, the principal, made an announcement to the whole school saying that he will be in his office when we all make our way back inside. He had also said that while he’s waiting in his office he would like whoever smoked the cigarette to come up and amend it. If one did admit it then their consequences won’t be as harsh, but if they did not come forward then they will have to look at the security footage. Once they look at the cameras their actions would be dealt with to the fullest extent. Rumors started flowing about whoever they thought had done it. Soon enough they had caught the prep, the offender was taken to the office and had a straight talk with Mr. Larrabee and a police officer.

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