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Tropical "Chopped" activity night a big hit

On February 12, 2024, Tok School hosted a “Chopped” themed family night. For those who do not know what “Chopped” is, it is a cooking show where chefs must compete against each other, each trying to make the best dish. The catch: they have to incorporate pre-selected ingredients into their meals. 

Tok’s rendition had two rounds: the main course and dessert. The secret ingredient for the main course was gummy worms, and even though incorporating gummy worms in a savory meal seems like a pretty hard feat to accomplish, “The Full Nelson Kitchen” (James and Dawson Nelson) proved to the judges that they were fit for the task when they won the first round with a fried peppered banana burger with a teriyaki gummy worm glaze. For the second round, the “Lancelot Team” (Julie and Alaina Lance, Wyatt and Lizzy Williams, and Hayden West) won with a sponge cake fruit trifle, with dates being the secret ingredient.

Deb Alsup, the planner and organizer of Tok’s FANs, says the activity nights have grown in momentum as more people get used to them, with some being more popular than others. This year, Bonnie Dompierre and Vanessa West have taken over decorations, which she also believes contributes to their rising success.

“We want to give families an opportunity to be in the school and interact with teachers and staff outside of the classroom and just provide fun events for families,” Deb says regarding the family activity nights. “We know families are really busy, and we really appreciate it when they take the time to come here for a fun activity with their kids.”

Overall, Tok’s family activity nights have been a rising success, helping families, teachers, and staff to connect and have fun together outside of the classroom.

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