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Trip trouble for the senior class

Did your class attend a senior trip? The 2023 seniors at Tok School this year seem to be in confusion. There's been multiple debates about time, location, date and who's attending. There's been questions about San Diego, Wyoming, and even staying in the state. The seniors are in total confusion.

Almost half of the seniors are choosing not to attend this supposed San Diego trip. They plan to attend a cultural trip to Wyoming to visit Mr. Hamner's ranch and exchange cultural information with the students there. The Wyoming trip would be a great educational experience, with that being said the San Diego trip would be a fun filled trip for the seniors as well.

Deadlines are approaching, and decisions need to be made beforehand and approved by the board. If no decision is made before the planned dates, the original students attending the Wyoming trip will still be going. Graduation is set for May 19th with hopes the seniors come to a great final choice of the location.

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