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Shoo fly, don't bother me

by Jeffry Alsup and Rachel Ames

As the weather has begun warming, fruit flies have begun appearing around the school. Throughout the school day, many students have reported fruit flies flying around. Despite all the reports there seems to be no effort to get rid of the flies. The flies are a distraction to students and teachers trying to work. The problem is bad, and something must be done.

Student Sarah Cramer has some words on the issue. "It is disruptive, uncomfortable, and makes me feel like I'm going to school in a trash can. It just goes to show how unclean and dirty our school is and makes our school look bad." Student Holly Beeman says, "It stresses me out that I might inhale one because I see them everywhere." The fact that students are stressed out and disgusted by this issue makes the school an uncomfortable place and the staff should be working towards a solution to the problem.

Having flies around the school is not only bothersome but extremely unsanitary. According to, fruit flies violate the health code (due to the fact that the school serves all three meals to students). This is not only a health violation but also a danger to the students and staff. Having germ-spreading insects around the school is not sanitary and it puts everyone at risk of sickness. This problem should be dealt with as soon as possible for the safety and benefit of everyone.

One way that we could work towards fixing this problem is by making sure the garbage is taken out regularly. Having garbage sitting around rotting away is the perfect environment for fruit flies and taking care of our garbage would help to eliminate the issue. Another solution would be to make sure that all produce is properly put away and washed to reduce the chance of fruit flies having sources of food and places of reproduction. This is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

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