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School's ending...

The end of the school year is super busy with finals, end of year trips, and turning in missing work. With our last week of school approaching, students are eager to get out of class. One thing most students are able to look forward to are end of year trips. High school and middle school have a lake day and a couple of elementary grades get to go to Seward. These trips give students something to look forward to. Below is a comprehensive list of current and future end-of-year activities for Tok School.

May 16-20th: 1st and 3rd grade are taking trips to the Kenai Peninsula

May 18th: 8th grade graduation

May 19th: High school graduation

May 22-24th: Seward trip for 4th grade

May 24th: Middle and high school community cleanup and kindergarten graduation

May 25th: Middle and high school lake day at Moon Lake

May 25th: Elementary Bike-a-Thon

May 26th: Community picnic

When students and staff were asked how it was in the last few weeks of school, with such a packed, busy schedule, these are the responses we received.

Jeffry Alsup says, “It feels busy and it feels like it should already be over.”

Autumn Jennings said, “It's stressful, I cried yesterday. Everybody is getting hyper and it's hard to do work.”

Ruben Constantine noted, “It’s stress, but then your slacking off half the time”

Chairo Espinosa had strong opinions and stated, “I don’t care.”

Janafer Kaltenekker said that it’s “a little overwhelming if I’m being honest, a little stressful but some things have been somewhat manageable.”

Tristan May stated that it is “tiring.”

Even though the end of the year is packed and students are stressed, there are so many things to look forward to. The last day of school is May 26th, so as hard as it is, finish the year strong!

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