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A selection of students from Tok School got to go to ANSEP (Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program). Students who live in Alaska, from all school districts like AGSD, CRSD, ETC and all grades  6th and up are able to attend in Anchorage. The program has boys and girls dorm rooms on the opposite sides of the building. Students eat meals with college students and then walk a mile and a half to go build a computer. After building part of the computer, they get to go to an activity, then settle down for the evening before bedtime at 9:30.   


I asked Tad Dunning, a AGSD counselor, about ANSEP. The question are, how was ANSEP? What did you do? Did you make any friends? What was your team name? And his response was, “It was wonderful, a little cold. We walked, we went to a BLM nature center, we looked at different properties of snow and ice.” He noted students also, “built a computer, built bridges and put them on earthquake tables, dissected a squid, and went to the movies.”                                                                                                

Maycie is a 6th grade middle school student at Tok School and her response was, “It was good, yeah more than ten friends, my group name was opportunity.”

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