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An Okay Ending to a Sad Quarter

The last day of quarter 3 was on March 8th, 2024. Overall it was a rough quarter for much of the student body. Academically, students’ performances declined for much of the Tok School population. Certain honor roll students' grades dropped down from mostly A’s, to D’s and F’s. The female student body had to spend much of this quarter feeling uncomfortable to use the bathroom due to an escort being required. Luckily, they had success in petitioning that policy and can now feel comfortable using the restroom. A new policy was put into place due to PDA complaints, which made some positive changes in reducing the amount of public affection that was witnessed with student couples. Though these changes may seem small, they made a huge difference for all students. The school noticeably became a better environment.  Though everyone had a different experience, it seems like this quarter did improve its last two weeks.

Jeffry Alup, a junior who had a rough quarter said, “I started off the new semester ok. However, when I started traveling for hockey, it took a toll on my grades. I feel like I have no time to get any missing work done and it has been a struggle. With only one week left in the quarter I'm gonna have to bust my buns to complete all my missing assignments.”

When freshman Robert Apok was asked about his quarter three experience, he said, “I think I did decent this quarter and my favorite part was my essay for College and Career Readiness since I think I did pretty good. My least favorite part was my grades, I kept getting too many D’s to go on basketball trips.”

Minacie Jimmie, a freshman here at Tok School, said, “I think I did okay this quarter but when school first started I was stressing. One thing I hated was the bathroom escort and all the presentations I had to do. My favorite part was hanging out with my friends and keeping my grades up.”

Shania Issac said, “What I didn’t like about most of this quarter was not being able to have our phones during breakfast and lunch. I also hated the bathroom escorts. I don’t think I have a favorite thing about this quarter but one thing I do like is being surrounded by funny and supportive people.”

When freshman Nadine Thomas was asked about one positive thing that happened this quarter, she answered “I finally love being able to use the bathroom alone. It creeped me out. A lot.”

Though this quarter wasn’t the greatest, it's great to see that there was a dim light at the end of this quarter’s dark tunnel. There is one more quarter to go after spring break and there is great hope that the rest of this school year will improve for much of the student body. 

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