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A step closer to freedom

Finally… The freedom of having our phones at lunch and breakfast has come! This year, Tok School has a phone policy where we can’t have our phones at all during the school day, and we had to earn the right to be in use of our phones at lunch and breakfast. As students we have failed all of semester one due to students having their phones out when they were not allowed. As a consequence, student phones were taken away and given to the office and students were not allowed to have their phones at breakfast or lunch, causing all of high school and middle school to lose the privilege of having the use of their phones at breakfast and lunch. 

But finally, last week, there were zero phones taken from students. This gave the students the freedom to use their phones at breakfast and lunch. Phones will still be taken, however, if seen being used in the hallway, or even in the pockets of students while they are in class. Congratulations to the student body for proving the school wrong by doing right and not getting any phones taken away - again, congrats!

Here’s some things some students say about them having their phones at lunch: 

Does it feel strange now having your phone at breakfast and lunch?

Minacie -  No... not really, not to me, I mean, kinda.

Joan - Yeah, it's different because it's like having a gun out!

Sarah- It does, it feels like I shouldn't have it out!

Marissa- Definitely feels strange, not sure if I like it.

How many times has your phone been taken away?

Minacie - Zero times

Joan - One time

Sarah- Two times and both times I needed for emergency 

Marissa - One time

Are you impressed by the student for not having their phones?

Principal Benedict - Yes!

How many phones have you taken?

Principle Benedict - Nine in one day.

Advice: Make sure you use your phone responsibly to keep the privilege. In other words, don't get caught with your phone in school or hall or class!

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