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A Farewell to PDA.

 At the start of the school year, students noticed an increase in the number of couples. Recently, a new policy was enforced at Tok School in regards to ongoing complaints of PDA (public display of affection) happening within the student body. Students were informed that their first offense of participating in PDA would be an automatic detention. If it happened a second time, it would be an in-school suspension and the third offense is an out-of-school suspension. Some students publicly cheered during lunch when this announcement was made, as this meant they would see far less PDA, especially during lunch, where PDA was most commonly witnessed.

Jeffry Alsup, a junior who hates PDA, stated, “I was deeply disturbed by PDA. Every time I would try to eat lunch, I would look up and see people nuzzling, kissing, and rubbing each other. It was quite irksome. It made me want to throw up my lunch. However, ever since the principal put the new policy in place, I have seen much less PDA. Lunch is once again enjoyable.”

Rachel Ames, a high schooler in a relationship, stated, “I personally was not affected by this new policy but I think it's fair I guess, it's okay. It prevents people from being gross I guess, at least when teachers are around.” 

Robert Apok, a freshman in a relationship, confidently stated, “I just got sent to the office for kissing on school grounds so I don’t like it. I don’t like how they are all keeping an eye on us with cameras. Ms Diana, she got .22 vision or somethin’. Everyone’s always talking about it. No one likes PDA.”

Though these changes were necessary, not every single student is happy about it. However, more students are grateful than upset that this policy is now strictly being enforced. Although PDA unfortunately is still witnessed, it's far less common. 

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