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You Drive Under the Influence? Lame!

As prom is creeping around the corner, the Alaska State Troopers came in to talk about DUI's. On Tuesday, Trooper Rosario explained thoroughly the significance of not driving under the influence. Essentially, an adult is allowed to drive if they have under a 0.08 BaC on the breathalyzer. However, those younger than 21 will automatically get a DUI because it is illegal to be under the influence of any alcohol below the age of 21.

There are many ways to avoid driving under the influence no matter your age. When you decide to get behind the wheel while you are impaired, that is at least one life that could be taken. No matter your excuse you should not drive impaired, especially if you are with a group of people. Did you know that 45% of fatal accidents in Alaska are from drunk driving? Many lives can be taken by one mistake, and even if you never get pulled over or get in an accident you should never take the chance. Beyond an accident, here are some consequences for getting a DUI: imprisonment, fines, mandatory alcohol assessment and treatment, community service, and probation.

Many people will drink at least once when they are a minor - even though it is illegal - so you should know your limits and prioritize your safety. Having a Designated Driver will ensure not only your safety but the safety of those around you. If you feel you have reached your limit, don't give into peer pressure. It does not make you any less "cool" if you feel you had enough. I am in no way supporting underage drinking, but it happens - so if you drink, please drink responsibly.

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