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Winter woes - a slow start to 2024

Tok School’s school year is going by really fast. Tok School got to go on a two week Christmas break and it went by so fast. After those two weeks, I asked a couple of students questions about their break, and those questions are: “How was your winter break, from a scale of 1-10?,” “What did you do on winter break?,“  Did you go anywhere for winter break?,“ “What did you get (over the holidays,” and, “What are your goals for 2020?”.

Trey Hillary said, “It was alright, like a 9/10. I helped my grandma shovel snow, I got a PS5, and my goal is to get money.” 

Dawson Nelson said, “ 7/10 - my brother came up and had Christmas and had New Years, and a week after that, my parents told me that we had to put the dog down and the house almost burned down and almost flooded.” When asked if she went anywhere, Dawson replied, “Nope, stayed right here. I got two Lego sets, mannequin head hair stuff, a Kanoodle toy, curlers/hair curlers, beach waver, and tiny toys, and my goal is that I hope the year turns out better than it started.”

Autumn Jennings said, “A 2/10 because I got Covid the entire time, I rotted in my bed.” Did she travel? “Nope! Stayed in my bed, I got Covid and a new phone and earphones, and my goal is to not be fat anymore and to be nicer to people.”

Well, it looks like some people’s winter break didn’t go as planned, hopefully it gets better.

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