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Wacky Weather

Alaska's weather has been interesting, to say the least. In late August it snowed roughly up 2 inches, even though it quickly melted the next day. On Monday we had a storm warning saying it would snow and roughly got over 2 inches, Thursday, September 23 it began to snow again after the snow was starting to melt. During the night we got around 3-4 inches and it continued to snow throughout Friday. The weather forecast says it will stop snowing but it looks like the snow is here to stay, with highs being 34 degrees and lows being 24 degrees.

I asked community members about their thoughts on the snow and what they did. Here is what one family did: "The first day the snow came down, my family got on their winter gear and to roll in the snow. After we got snow and made grenadine slushies and finished it off with hot cocoa and watched The Little Monster." Other families watched movies, did some homework, and stayed indoors. Even though it is a bit early for it to be snowing right now, the people have learned to adjust and adapt to Alaska's wacky weather.

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