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Tok's Got Talent ;)

The Tok School talent show took place on April 17th. We had singers, drummers, and gymnasts that performed! Tok’s annual talent shows allow students to have the spotlight for a couple of minutes and share any talents that they have. Even if they are novices at what they are performing, it still allows the kids to feel involved, be excited, and look forward to something. When asking a couple of the performers and organizers about how they thought the Talent Show was, these are responses I got.

Marissa Neumann: “All the students did very well, I’m proud of them.”

Marion Hazelton: “I like to see kids perform. I want to give them a chance to perform in front of their peers and parents. I enjoyed doing it for the kids.”

Winter Garber: “I enjoyed it.”

With students and staff both enjoying the talent show, it seems like it’s something we should continue to do annually. All the performers looked like they were having fun so hopefully it’s something we can continue to do.

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