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Tok Faces Tough Loss Against Eagle

On February 7th, 2024, Tok’s first high school Battle Book team in many years went head to head with Eagle for a spot in state. The team consisted of Jeffry Alsup, Rebekah Ames, and Holly Beeman. Due to Rebekah Ames being in Hawaii, they had to zoom her in to be able to assist her teammates competing in Tok. There were a total of 16 questions asked, and it was a close battle. 

Rebekah Ames, a freshman on the team, stated, “Well, I think it was pretty fun reading and being a team. I just wish we had more time so we could have done better and be there in person.”

Jeffry Alsup, a junior on the team, stated, “Considering our team's lack of preparedness and the small amount of time we had to read the books, I think our team did pretty well. We were only 11 points behind Eagle and I think that next year we will be able to pull out a win.”

Holly Beeman, a junior on the team, said, "I wish we had more time to prepare. Not all the books were read in time and we still managed to correctly answer questions on it due to the elimination process. Probably it was heartbreaking losing to a school named after a bird, but I feel confident we can slay next year's district battle and go to state."

Next year, this team plans to compete again and turn Eagle into dust! It was still an enjoyable experience for the team, even though they didn’t have much time to prepare.

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