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Third Grade Raising Money for Class Expedition to Seward

On the 8th of March, 2024, Tok School’s third-grade class will draw the lucky winner for their raffle. Each ticket for the raffle costs $10 and the grand prize is the abundant amount of $1000. The raffle has been going on for a while now in the hopes of raising money for their trip to Seward. 

The trip will take place in May. The third graders will drive down to Seward and be able to see and experience numerous entertaining and educational adventures. They plan to stop by the Wildlife Center, Sealife Center, and the local zoo to see the myriad of fascinating animals located at these attractions. They will go to H2Oasis, a tropical-themed indoor waterpark where they can splash around, let loose, and, I’m sure, have heaps of fun. They will also be able to view many remarkable sights while on a glacier and whale-watching cruise.

Bonnie Dompierre, the third-grade teacher, says she appreciates all of the support the students have received from the community. We hope they will raise a significant amount of money and enjoy exploring Seward’s unique offerings.

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