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Senior Spotlight: Vincent Wade

Vincent Wade. A senior in high school, loved by most. Vincent attended Tok School for most of his life, though he did attend West Valley High for his sophomore year. I asked him if he’d be comfortable participating in an interview and he was happy to oblige. This interview is full of questions about Vincent’s high school experience and what it was like for him attending this school.

Question- Who is the teacher(s) you admire the most?

Answer- Mr. Kelso, Mrs. Burnham, and Ms. Fifarek.

Vincent explained that he admired Ms. Fifarek's ability to put up with him and his nonsense as well as his undeniable urge to curse in her classroom. As for Mr. Kelso, Vincent described him as chill, understanding, patient, three great virtues that Vincent admired about this teacher. Last but not least, Mrs. Burnham. Vincent found this teacher to be pushy, but in the best way possible, always urging him to do his best and perform in the most adequate way possible. In conclusion, Vincent told me that if these three teachers could be combined into one, that would be the best teacher he had ever met.

Question- When you were young, where did you imagine yourself at this point in your life?

Answer- Being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming the next spider man as well as being a superhero. He states that he’s been bitten by many spiders and all it has ever resulted in is itchy red bumps on his skin.

Of course, being the young man that he was, Vincent wanted to be a superhero. Perhaps he may have gotten his hopes up when it came to being bitten by a special spider and becoming the next great spiderman, but it’s his childish fun.

Question- What was your favorite high school memory?

Answer- Participating in a nerf gun war with all of the cool, respectable seniors in a lock-in. Vincent remembers being drenched in sweat and calling his grandma at 5 am. As he watched her car pull up he describes the feeling as watching an e-vac pull up after a long day in the trenches.

Vincent seemed to find a feeling of nostalgia when telling me of his time as a freshman. The way he described this time to me almost made it seem as though he was sorrowful that this was the end of highschool for him.

Question- What will you miss most about Tok School?

Answer- Probably being able to annoy people on a daily basis, and being allowed to walk into a random class and say “what's up!?”. That’s something you can’t really do in college and one can only do this in this ‘backwash town’.

Vincent may not realize it, nor admit it, but from what his peers have to say, ‘annoying’ is a strong word. His peers described him as a humorous, fun person to be around.

Question- What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned in school?

Answer- Other people’s opinions are pointless, especially if they aren’t going anywhere in life.

Because of this attitude he has a great balance and perspective on life. Vincent’s learned to have a more positive attitude towards life, opposed to being down on everyone else’s opinions of him. This is an important virtue to have and it poses as something great towards his future career.

Question- Can you give me three words to describe your highschool experience?

Answer- Do. The. Thing.

This phrase came from the great Lindsay Brush, a teacher here at Tok School.

Question- What are three things you want to do after high school?

Answer-Do a little bit of traveling because this place is too small to die in, make comic books, and live life properly.

Question- How active were you in sports?

Answer- Not active whatsoever, besides track for the P.E. credit. But I did film all the sports games.

Though Vincent didn’t tend to enjoy playing basketball or hockey, he did find enjoyment in filming every game. He bravely stood in the top of the gym mezzanine with a camera and filmed girls and boys basketball as well as volleyball games. Not only did he film sports, but he also filmed extracurricular events such as the Battle of the Books and the Spelling Bee.

Question- If you had a senior trip, where would you want to go?

Answer- Antarctica because we’re already acclimated to the cold temperatures. From there I can begin my regime as the penguin dictator, and become recognized as a national country.

Though his answer is a bit out there, it is creative so I’ll give him that.

Question- What is your dream college?

Answer- Anything that doesn’t put me in 10+ years of debt.

Question- If you had a song play every time you walk into a room, what would it be and who is it by?

Answer- Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio, specifically the part that goes “As I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I take a look at myself and there’s nothing left.”

Question- What's the funniest thing that has happened in class?

Answer- I ate a lot of kiwi and liked it a lot so I stole it. Unfortunately, part of it flew on the ceiling. Kiwi Raccoon.

This incident was in his Freshman year English class. He calls himself a raccoon in this I suppose because he squatted on Ms. Fifarek's table and devoured the kiwi in a very exaggerated sense. Ms. Fifarek called it chaotic and bestial. As an effect to this idiotic cause, kiwi flew everywhere. The ceiling, the walls, the table, everything.

Question- What are your top tips for surviving high school?

Answer- Keep to yourself, don't fall into cliques, have niche interests, don’t fall into the stream of consciousness.

Question- Who is your favorite underclassman?

Answer- Griffin Jacobs.

Question- How long have you attended Tok School?

Answer- Too long. Way too long.

Question-What is the most creative way you got out of doing an assignment?

Answer- Filming games, besides the one where I told my teacher that my goat ate my homework.

Question- What was your favorite school lunch?

Answer- Teriyaki Chicken and corn.

This answer is very unpopular, no offense to the cooks of course, (we appreciate you very much), but Vincent says he chose this one because he wanted to be different from everyone else’s opinions. Which I suppose, that’s fair.

Question- What is the most challenging task as a senior?

Answer- Waking up in the morning and actually having to find the motivation to do stuff.

Vincent is proud to be graduating from Tok School. He says he’s grateful to be leaving this “lame” town. Vincent is happy to be leaving Tok to move on with life and find brighter opportunities.

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