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Senior Spotlight: Shea Gunter

Shea Gunter is an 18 year old senior at Tok School this year, Shea imagined herself at this point in life “living in a big fancy house and being rich”. She is a very persistent student who consistently comes to school, her advice to incoming highschoolers is “just do the work”.

Shea’s three words to describe her high school experience include “fun, rough and memorable”. Shea has always come off as a kind, funny and hardworking person. After high school Shea wants to work, attend college and travel. Shea is also a very active person in sports and was involved in volleyball and basketball for all 4 years of high school.

She attended Tok School since the 8th grade and says her favorite memory is “tickling a classmate til they farted”. Her most creative way of getting out of an assignment is “ just turn in most of the work and get an 80% or higher and they won't ask for the missing assignment”. Shea states that she's changed since freshman year with “having confidence and a better outlook”.

The past few years have been memorable to Shea but the good and bad about being a senior to Shea is “ you worked so hard to get this far, but all you've known you will leave”.

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