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Remember 2023 With a Yearbook

Would you like to buy a yearbook? There are flyers advertising this year's yearbook posted all around the school and town. There are even posts on Tok Classifieds and our Instagram. If you order the yearbook within this week it is estimated to be in before the end of the school year, but the later you wait to buy, the less likely it is to come in before we take summer break.

Each flier has a QR code link. You can access the QR code by pulling up your photo app and pointing the phone's camera at the code. A notification will pop up after scanning it that should bring you to the purchasing site. The link is also listed below this article.

The yearbook class will also be buying some books for people to purchase in person - just get in contact with Kaitlyn, Desirae, Kailie, or Ms. Fifarek.

Pre-order now to have lasting memories of the 2022-2023 school year!

Here is the link to order:

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