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Opinion Article: Socks

Socks. They come in many different styles. High socks, toe socks, ankle socks, and knee high socks. But I must say, the best socks I have ever encountered are the ankle socks. They drop right below your jeans, not interfering with the way your fabric sits on your leg. Knee socks come in second place as they can be good for sports. They rise high enough to ensure your ankles don’t get rub burn from your shoes, and they keep a good section of your leg warm. Knee high socks are just for the weird ones out there. They are so high that when your knee bends, the sock rides down and bunches up right below your knee. I don’t know how anyone can consider those comfortable. BUT AS FOR TOE SOCKS- I HAVE A VERY HIGH OPINION ON THOSE. They are the worst. What is so comfortable about your toes being groped!? They are being suffocated with trashy lint and cheap fabric. PLUS everyone can see the shape of your toes and then have an opinion on that too. But the strangest thing of all, is the OPEN toe socks! Why would anyone want to buy socks with special toe holes? Unless you have a serious medical toe condition, open toe socks should never be on the market. Nobody wants to see just five little toes poking out of your socks. I just simply don’t understand the purpose of toe and open toe socks. Like most things in life, they’re unnecessary. So if you are an owner of special toe socks or open toe socks, who ACTUALLY ENJOY wearing them, I recommend experiencing the joy of just ankle socks.

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