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New Tokites?

Students in school are eager when the first day comes around to see if there is anyone new. There isn't usually a bunch of new kids and when we get new kids they don't stay all the way through. This year from elementary school and high school we received 6 new kids all from the same family! The Ames family moved to Tok this year, and I asked Rachel Ames (in 11th grade) some questions about her experience.

  1. What did you initially think Tok School was going to be like?

" I figured there would be a lot of weird people here, I knew it was going to be small and I expected a lot of backwoodsy redneck kids."

2. What shocked you when you first got here?

" How some of the students treat each other and the drama that occurs."

3. How would you rate your first school year at Tok?

" 8.5/10. It was surprisingly pretty good."

The Ames family brings excitement to Tok School for what's to come in the future. With the arrival of the gold mine - Kinross- Tok School hopes to gain more students in the near future.

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