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Mixed Six ~Follow up~ PART TWO!

A solution to the mixed six issue would be to talk to more male individuals around the school who have an opinion on the sport and how they feel about it. Getting more opinions would give the school more insight as to what’s going on and how to resolve it. Younger generations need to be taught that it is not okay to use the word ‘gay’ as an insult and that it shouldn’t be taken offensively. No one’s sexual orientation is inherently bad and the administrators at our school should be addressing the matter in a more serious, yet positive, fashion. You are who you are!

Unfortunately, this matter has affected the way many males feel about playing volleyball. This sport was never meant to be a single gender sport and that should be expressed more openly. Having a meeting and coming up with a positive solution would be helpful. Teaching younger generations, such as elementary school students, that playing volleyball is okay for any gender, no matter who you are, may resolve the issue long term.

We are all trying to connect in our similarities in order to unite in our differences. Everyone is learning how to speak their opinion without offending but also learning to understand how other people feel. By bullying with use of this word can cause people to shy away from being who they are. This allows them to think the gender they are attracted to is inappropriate and unwelcome. Please don't be shocked or offended by my interpretation of the mixed six issue. Instead, consider why the problem exists in the first place and work with us on ways to fix it.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at

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