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Middle school volleyball having a great season!

Though the Delta and Tok Tournaments were both canceled and they have only been in one tournament so far, middle school volleyball is finally off to a good start, with the team winning 5 out of 7 games. The girls traveled to Glennallen last weekend and came in 3rd! For the Glennallen tournament, Allison Demit and Olivia Young both got all-tourney. We asked some of the volleyball student-athletes how they felt about the season.

How is the season going?

Tasha: Good! 

Ally: Good!

How do you think you will do this upcoming tournament?

Cheyanne: Okay, but I feel like we won't get first because some girls are not ready.

Ally: Good.

Have you earned any trophies this season?

Ally: Yeah - all tourney.

Are you having fun?

Ally: Yeah.

With two more upcoming tournaments, we hope they play well and have fun. And we sure hope these tournaments don’t get canceled too!

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