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HOCO 2024

On Friday, February 9th, after the Richard Fraser Tournament, student council put on a high school homecoming dance. The theme of the dance was "tropical." Admission was free to students who dressed tropically or formally, otherwise, the cost to get in was $5. The dance had tropical lights, a balloon arch picture spot, a balloon palm tree, and a giant beach ball.

Some students loved the dance. "I think it went well it was very fun and the energy was awesome." Another student said, "I think it was the best dance I've been to since I've been here. I don't think student council could have done much better."

Some, however, did not see Homecoming as positive. "It was pretty mediocre. They need to play that one song in the middle and maybe a few more slow-dance songs. "

Ms. Fifarek, a chaperone at the dance, says, "I think that the dance went pretty smoothly and it seemed like Stuco set it up pretty efficiently and took it down pretty effectively. The only problem was they were competing with the gym and going to play basketball instead of attending the dance."

Traveling teams were able to attend the dance as well, as long as they brought their own chaperones. student council is open to any suggestions for next year's dance.

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