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Hockey Season is Here!

Hockey season officially started during Thanksgiving, for the annual Turkey Shoot tournament. They have two more big tournaments left in the season; as of right now those include Presidents Day and State. Tok used to have their own team called the Tok Wolverines but over the years the team members have dwindled. They now have players coming from Glennallen, Tok, Delta, and Utqiagvik or formally known as Barrow. The New combined team is known as the Alaska Heat, which was called The Interior Heat before having members from outside of the Interior region join. Shawn Champagne is the head coach of The Alaska Heat 18u team, along with assistant coach LeAnn Young. Players from Tok include: Riley Young, Dayton Landroche, Christian Albert, Dawson Young, and Kailie Champagne.

In the hockey world there are age groups for different hockey levels. For example 8u,10u,12u,14u,16u,18u and so on, with "u" meaning under or the age of. What is typically called high school hockey is also 18u and that is a majority of The Alaska Heat players. With each level there are different rules that apply to their tier. The Alaska Heat 18u is a tier 3 team, while the younger teams would be known as bush league.18u and tier 3 are able to do different things due to their league rules, like check, slapshot above the knee, etc.

Lets cheer for the hockey teams success this season and hope they do well.

Lets go AK Heat!

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