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Hockey President's Day

On Friday, February 15th, The Alaska Heat 18ub hockey team competed in the President's Day tournament. This is an annual tournament that takes place in Anchorage during President's Day weekend, and all age groups and different levels compete in it. Over the past few years, the team has struggled to pull out many wins, but after this tournament, that changed. The team ended up making it to the championship and got second place, losing against Nikiski. The final score was 3-4 and they used both goalies during the game.

Defense player Teagan Champagne says, "We had some good times and had some bad times, even though some of the games we won they weren't that good because we played not as teammates but as puck hogs and glory hounds. We played two teams that were puck money. We did great until the championship when we got penalties and a few goals scored against us."

"I think we did well until the championship game when we fell apart," says wing player Dawson Brinkman.

The Alaska Heat is made up of players from Tok, Glennallen, Kenny Lake, Delta, and Utqiagvik. It was amazing to see the team work so hard together and accomplish so much at President's Day.

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