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Good Soup

Soup. Fantastic word isn’t it? Emphasis on the “ouuuu”. Why? Because soup is an incredible delicacy. Soup is underrated. Just imagine this- the warm, chicken flavored broth with small specks of parsley and delicious seasoning, the perfectly cooked vegetables just mushing between your teeth, the slippery, wet noodles sliding on your tongue. Sometimes, if you’re lucky you get that PERFECTLY cooked meat pulling apart between your teeth. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what Ms. Lindsay Brush had to say about it, “Soup is life man”. And she does speak facts.

Not only is soup delicious, but it’s also SO EASY to make!! That’s why you can put just about anything in soup! From creamy mushrooms to broccoli and cheese, soup is edible with anything. Not to mention that you can even dip your bread in it! You can dip that buttery, perfectly seasoned garlic bread into your slippery, wet soup. Soup is so good that there’s a strong reason that they put “good soup” on extra large mugs so it’s so much easier to carry around. They now have tik tok trends and memes that mention the very words, “good soup” JUST BECAUSE SOUP IS SO GOOD.

Disagree with me? If so, I recommend seeing a doctor because you’re probably delusional. Griffin Jacobs has a very strong opinion on this serious matter. He says “There is some soup that I really like, but other soups are the bane of my existence.”. Griffin is half right here. I believe he just hasn’t found the right soup to fit his evolved taste. I believe this because soup should never be the bane of anyone's existence.

Molly Nelson says “Eh, soup has it’s time and place”. AND SHE’S CORRECT. Soup should be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is it’s time and place. As previously stated, if you disagree with me, please consider seeing a doctor.

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