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First basketball home games a success

Last weekend, January 26-27, the Tok School basketball team played conference games in Tok. On the 26th, Tok played Effie Kokrine. The girl's game ended with a score of 31-28, resulting in a win for the Tok Wolverines. Skyla Frank-Young was the top scorer of the game with 11 points. Minacie Jimmie and Danica Sanford scored big with free throws in the first quarter. The boy's game was another big win for the Tok Wolverines. The final score was 76-53. The top scorers were Griffin Jacobs with 22 points and Marvin Captain with 17 points. 

On January 27th, The Tok High School basketball team played against the Nenana Lynx. The girls' game went poorly, with the girls not playing to their full potential. Lesette Standifer was the top scorer of the girl's game with 14 points. The boy's game went in the opposite direction, with the boys blowing up the scoreboards with 78 points. Griffin Jacobs was the top scorer with 18 points. 

How did the players think the games went? Tenyelle said, “I think we did pretty good with Effie but with Nenana it was rough. But we still had our heads in the game; it was just a tough game.” 

Do they think they played their hardest? Tenyelle said, “No, I don't think I played my hardest in a game, but, like, I’ll play my hardest - but I know I can do better.”

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