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"Egg"cellent Time for Hunting

On April 8th, there was an Easter egg hunt for all ages. This event took place at Tok School playground and started at 11 A.M. This event is sponsored by AGSD Family Activity Nights.

This event usually happens every year and brings our community together. I personally have fond childhood memories from the Easter egg hunt at the school. This year, Deb and Jeffry Alsup helped fill all of the eggs for the children to have a fun hunt!

When asked if he was excited about the hunt, Jeffry Alsup said, " Yes absolutely, because I just love filling up eggs!"

Most children enjoy picking up candy or money-filled eggs. So, to put some fun into this article, I went around asking numerous students from all age groups what they thought the Easter Bunny looked like. Here are some of their answers:

"I think he looks like an old man in a suit with long whiskers."

"I think he looks like a 6-foot-tall fat white bunny, with beady blue eyes and huge buck teeth."

"I think the Easter Bunny is actually a girl who is just a big bunny who lays eggs everywhere."

With that being said, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

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