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CTE Fair

The CTE Fair took place on April 27, 2023. The fair was open to all AGSD schools, but only Tetlin and Mentasta came, while Eagle submitted some work for the showcase. There were many different career options and jobs such as Forestry, Rural Student Services, UAF, U.S. Navy, U.S. Airforce, Air National Guard, Kinnross, Black Gold Transport, PWSC, Alaska State Troopers, and Tetlin Wildlife.

We started the fair off with presentations from multiple entities. Each of them provided a deep explanation and understanding of what they do and are offering. The presenters answered any questions the students had and made sure they completely understood.

After lunch, we were handed a paper called a passport that was full of space for students to write down questions and information regarding potential employers or post-secondary programs. If the students wrote down all of their questions in complete sentences and had the passports signed off by one of each type of guest, they would be able to turn them in to be put into a raffle. The raffle included prizes such as speakers and ring lights.

Students who had work they would like to present, such as art, clay, welding, woodwork, beading, and writing works, were able to submit it to be judged by all of the staff and adults who came. The winners of the showcase were Jazlyn Fix for the first and second prizes and Mr. Hamner's group project in third place.

Tamra Tuggle was in charge of the CTE Fair. When asked what she liked about the fair, she said, "I liked that the presenters came from diverse populations, such as universities, labor unions, military, etc. This allowed students to learn not only about postsecondary education pathways but also career pathways."

When asked what she would have changed anything if she could, she replied, "Overall I think the CTE Showcase /Career Fair went very well. I would have liked to have seen more presenters come, but quite a few that I had contacted already had previous engagements. I would also like to see that it be mandatory for all schools with the exception of Eagle and Tanacross to attend. Northway, which has quite a few high school students, did not attend. I think that it is a disservice to students when they are not allowed to attend these types of events."

We hope to see future successful CTE Fairs, and I personally am excited to see what students present in the showcase next year.

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