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2024 Spring Break

Tok School’s spring break was on 3/11 to 3/15. Students had a bizarre spring break. Last week many of the students here wanted to share their mysterious journey through their spring break. I asked some students, “What did you do over spring break?” 

A junior, Holly Beeman, answered ,“I went to go visit my sister, went skiing, got some smoothies. Someone tried to get my number while I was skiing, that was weird.”

Sophomore Nova Paul said, “Went to Fairbanks, got to see Spencer, watched dog racing, watched two dogs fight, and also rotting in my bed when I got home.”

Sophomore Vaughn Arnold replied, “I went to California and Seattle. I drove to Samilon. I also got to see trees [...] and saw the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Went east of San Francisco to an outlet mall. I got new shoes, clothes, sweaters, pants, shirts, and a water bottle. I went swimming, bathed in the sun, took pictures of the sunset, then after I got back I drove back to Tanacross.”

A freshman Joan Adkins said, “I went to Fairbanks with my mom for her doctor's appointment then went out to eat and went to go look at the ice sculptures. I laid in bed a lot, my cousins came to visit, we baked and colored, and I spent quality time with my family, took a lot of naps and watched a lot of TikTok.”

Freshman Minacie Jimmie shared that she, “Slept in my bed.”

Freshman Robert Apok noted that he, “Went on a trip somewhere on a snow machine to bring wood to some cabins, after that I basically just stayed home board and played Fortnite. It’s sad because Kalvin wouldn't add me back on Fortnite.”

Junior Janafer Kaltenekker answered, “Not a whole lot; I usually worked. If I’m not working I stayed at home, played video games, and visited people, but usually they came over and hung out.”

Junior Marissa Neumann said, “Primarily I just stayed home but I went to Fairbanks and Wasilla. In Fairbanks I went to get my passport and in Wasilla I went to get my graduation dress made.”

Looks like most students stayed home and relaxed while others did something exciting. 

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